Wonder Woman

300 Intel lights drones with 4 billion color combinations, a visual playground with endless possibilities! Over 1.2 million Instagram views in less than 12 hours!

When Warner Home Entertainment asked Ultra to come up with something big for the Blu-ray release of Wonder Woman, the first thing that occurred to Maximillian was to head to the sky!

A light drone show had never been attempted by a studio before for a movie and this was the perfect title to use this cutting edge technology to celebrate one of the most treasured movies of 2017. Who better to reach out to, than the originators of this amazing technology, Intel, who were an incredible partner on this groundbreaking journey!

Location Location Location!
The development for this incredible stunt was underway, but we needed a compelling place to have it all unfold, enter, Dodger Stadium. With the open space that we needed for the airfield, a great upper deck plaza for viewing and a breathtaking view of the Los Angeles skyline, it was the perfect spot. Drones had never been permitted to fly at the stadium before, but Ultra was determined to convince the Dodger organization to go for it, and it worked!

All systems were a go!

Back to work on the show! After several passes of drone simulations and conceptual storyboards, the show was taking shape.  With custom cut music from the movie’s score provided by Warner Bros, we were ready to fully choreograph the 8 minute spectacle. To top it all off, we were fortunate enough to have the dynamic electric cellist player from the soundtrack, Tina Guo, play live adding an awesome dramatic element to the show!

The drone formations created jaw dropping visuals that spanned in excess of 650 feet!

As incredible as the show was, watching the guests standing in silence with their mouths agape in awe as the drones swirled and twinkled in the night sky, was the most rewarding.

As if things couldn’t get any better, the movie’s director, Patty Jenkins was in attendance and her genuine appreciation and enthusiasm for our stunt was palpable and infectious! This was the first ever all female drone pilot team for Intel and she was excited to meet Ultra and congratulate the pilots on an amazing job!

Gal Gadot was the first to send out the footage on Instagram, and within 12 hours it had over 1.2 million views!

Huge thanks to Warner Bros Home Entertainment for such an amazing opportunity!