Meet Dave

Talk about a head trip! For the theatrical release of Meet Dave, Ultra Productions created a 16-foot tall replica of Eddie Murphy’s head, which was towed across the country on a trailer, for all to see. Launching in Los Angeles on Entertainment Tonight, the giant head made stops in Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia, and ended with a three day stay in the middle of Times Square over 4th of July weekend. The campaign’s goal of getting press coverage in each major market while also creating viral traffic as the head traveled from city to city was hugely successful. YouTube videos popped up online from all over the country and blogs were buzzing about the stunt throughout the tour.

Once on location, the neck and shoulder pieces were put into place and a set of stairs hinged down from the back of the head. The public was then invited to climb up into the back of Eddie Murphy’s head and lean out of his ear for a photo. In doing so, they would mimic the film’s one sheet poster! From the thousands of these photos that were taken from around the country, a “mosaic” style poster was created by 20th Century Fox that was placed in movie theatres everywhere on opening weekend!