In honor of the in-home/digital release of Marvel’s Ant-Man, Ultra produced an influencer playground, designed as an interactive set piece for media and press in Sound Stage 3 on the Disney lot. To take YouTubers and social media personalities down to the ant level, Ultra created a massive, 10′ tall steaming coffee mug complete with sugar cubes and 13′ tall spoon! Adding an interactive flavor, guests tossed giant sugar cubes into the cup as though they had the strength of the small yet mighty ant! The film’s director Peyton Reed and production designer Shepherd Frankel stopped by for interviews and got in on the action in celebration of the Ant-Man release. On the street date, KIIS-FM hosted an event coinciding with the 70-year anniversary of Baskin Robbins as homage to the scene of Ant-Man’s first job at the decadent ice creamery with giveaways and fan interaction!